PILAS Events

PILAS British Library Event

Jenny Wattrus provides a summary and some photos of the PILAS British Library event last November

On Friday 23rd November 2012 the British Library kindly welcomed PILAS members to a resource orientation event. We were greeted with a selection of drinks and a chance to get to know the other postgraduates in attendance. We were then introduced to Beth Cooper (Latin American Studies curator), Geoff West (Head of Hispanics) and Christine Anderson (Latin American, Caribbean and United States Studies librarian at Senate House) who would be our hosts for the event.

Geoff and Beth provided us with a tour of the British Library, including explanations of its history, breadth of resources and facilities for students such as ourselves. Beth then gave a presentation on the British Library resources, how to access them and how to make the most of them. Christine also gave a presentation regarding the Senate House (London University) collection and how it can be utilised by postgraduate students. There was then an opportunity for asking questions of the librarians and discussing upcoming PILAS events. The event provided a great opportunity to both learn about the resources available to postgraduates studying Latin America and a forum to meet others with similar academic interests.

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